Dr. Delis

I am a vertebrate biologist, interested in ecology, behavior, morphology, and evolution. My research emphasis is population biology of amphibians and reptiles. With the use of comparative approaches, I examine morphological, ecological, and behavioral specializations that explain the current demographic status of species and communities. I am working on generating models that predict the fate of species under pressure from human disturbance.

I am establishing a long term and comparative study to address demographics and conservation of Pennsylvania’s Herpetofauna. A major part of this study is being developed at Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA. I am interested on life history traits, behavioral characteristics, phenotypic plasticity, and their implications for the conservation of the species. In my research strategy, I combine traditional herpetological and field ecology techniques, as well as cutting edge remote sensing (GPI) and laboratory techniques such as genetics and molecular biology. I often cooperate with intramural and extramural colleagues interested in similar topics.

I am developing permanent lines of communication and interaction with research institutions in Florida (USA), Andalucia (Spain), and Murcia (Spain). I am committed to the early involvement of students in science through my teaching and my research projects, with the goal of developing their full understanding of the scientific methodology as well as the intricacies of the biological world.  My Curriculum Vitae